Hi, I'm Yu , a Chinese designer with experience in Automotive and Digital marketing area.
I graduated from Politecnico di Milano with a master degree in service design. Have been working with different clients with focus on service strategy and interaction. Client list includes Jaguar Land Rover, Bosch, Here, Delonghi, Lenovo, Acer and Corona. Before moving to Europe, I was a product designer with a solid engineering background. When finally realized the taste of prosciutto, I made my decision to continue the journey in Italy.
Four year's practices and studies give me a more creative, adventurous mind and a good multicultural adoption. What more is the familiarity with design thinking methodology, user research, agile development workflow, wireframes, usability test, prototype, business model, storytelling and illustration.
But the learning will not stop, now I'm trying to gain my knowledge in HTML&CSS, Java, Arduino, Swift and motion graphic.